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What can stalk.info tell you?

  • The location of a person searching for your name
  • This person’s operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Their web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc)
  • Exact phrase this person googled (example: John Smith New York)
  • Their IP address (we only show you part of the IP)
  • Is stalk.info a scam?

    We understand why you’re asking this question, it’s ok. The answer is: no, stalk.info is not a scam. We give you real information about people googling your name. We do not claim that we can show you the exact names of people searching for you - at this moment it’s not possible.

    How does it work?

    We combine data available publicly, such as names with information available to webmasters, such as IP addresses. We connect the dots to help you find out who googles your name. We can only give you the location and system information of people googling you, not their names.

    Who searched for me?

    So you ask yourself “Who is looking for me?”. It may be an employer, a recruiter or a headhunter. Someone you just met, or an old flame. Maybe a distant relative? But it may also be a creepy cyberstalker obsessively looking for your personal information on the Internet. Aren’t you curious?

    Example basic reports. Note that you will not be able to see full reports. You can only access a full report for your own name.
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